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5 Easy Steps To Plan Your Kitchen

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5 Easy Steps To Plan Your Kitchen

Do you like the sleek and streamlined look of a modular kitchen? But you feel unfortunate because you have none, right? Don’t keep brooding, just go for it! Modular kitchens not only look trendy, but are also very convenient to work in. That’s why they are called ‘modular’.

Modular Kitchen always pose to be a challenge to design, since it needs utmost care and maximum utilisation of space.

Here are 5 easy steps to plan your Modular Kitchen.

  1. Define the layout or shape
  2. Select the modules
  3. Choose the material
  4. Select the counter top
  5. Choose the right kitchen appliances


Step 1 : Define your Shape / Layout of Kitchen/ Plat

The designing of the layout probably is the most important step for modelling your kitchen. At this step the arrangement of the countertop, major appliances and storage areas is decided keeping in mind the best way to utilise the space available for the kitchen.

Depending on this there are 5 fundamental layouts for a Modular Kitchen:

  • Straight
  • L Shape
  • U shape
  • Parallel Shape
  • Full Rectangular shape with opening for Door.

Depending on the overall size of the kitchen, an island can be added to each of these layouts. A Breakfast table can also be designed depending on the width of walkways in the kitchen. All appliances can be integrated within the layout.

Step 2 : Select the Modules

The core focus while designing a modular kitchen goes to the kitchen cabinets and modules.

Each module will either have Shelf, Drawers, Pullouts etc.  All of these have their own unique advantages and usage.

Shelf modules are the cheapest modules , Drawers are moderately priced whereas pullouts are expensive.

Corner modules offer various options for accessories.

K7 expert designer assist in selecting right balance of  shelf / pullouts & drawers and also make sure ergonomics of work triangle is taken care of.

Wall modules can be hinged or lift up.

If there is a budget constraint then go for hinges. But with moderate budget one can opt for Lift up cabinet which gives easy access to storages.


Step 3 : Choose the material

There are two most important thing while selecting the material, quality and looks.

  1. a) Quality: Cabinet material for Kitchen is made to last for 15 years. So it is necessary to ensure that the material used is tested against water, termites, etc.

New Supertuff HMR HDF from K7 offers 5 years warranty against termites & water. It has strength of plywood and comes with an additional benefit of warranty. Moreover it is 30% cheaper than plywood.

  1. b) Looks/Shutter finishes : Kitchen looks are a reflection of your personality and your lifestyle. K7 caters to all 3 taste like Modern, Classic, Contemporary looks. These looks are available in variety of finishes such as LOP MATT, LOP GLOSS, MOP STN, MOP DES, MOP HG, AOP etc. The base material can be Supertuff HDF, Plywood, Aluminium frames etc. Depending on the budget one can choose the base finishes & base material. Supertuff HDF with foil gives the best combination of price along with a 5 years warranty.


Step 4 : Select the counter top

Once you have frozen the layout, modules & finishes of kitchen, it is time to choose the right kitchen top. One has a variety of choices such as Granite, Solid surfaces, artificial stone like Cesar stone etc.

Granite gives the best value for money proposition.

Solid surface gives seamless joint but can face the problem of stains due to spices/oil etc. K7 experts sit with you personally and give you the best solution for your need.


Step 5 : Choose the right Appliances/sink/facuet

Once you fix up the top then it is time to choose the right appliances such as Hob, Chimney, microwave, oven etc.  Once this is done, it’s time to choose the right Sink singe/double bowl, with our without drain board and faucet for the same.

K7 has over 10 years of expertise in designing and building Modular Kitchens., we will help you select the most appropriate and best suited design and furniture for your kitchen!

So, if you are a restaurant owner who needs a kitchen redone or have bought a new home or planning to redesign your house or looking for customised modular kitchen –

“Visit K7 Lifestyle”