A new kitchen or kitchen remodel opens up a world of design options. What shape and features do you want in a kitchen island? How can you maximize your space? What kitchen plan will work for you now and in the future? These articles give design ideas and tips for a kitchen layout that works for you, your family, and your changing needs.


Add an Island to “Beef Up” the Kitchen
Whether you need a second work station, a space from which to serve an informal buffet, or just a place to toss the day’s mail, kitchen islands are a popular solution to the lack of kitchen space. More…

The Details of Space Planning
To create the best plan for your kitchen, you need to consider all your space requirements. Space planning should be driven by your needs. More…

Room to Grow and Change
Your kitchen is for now and for later! GE Real Life Design concepts can help you take maximum advantage of this important space over time, or as your personal and family needs change. More…

Planning a Kitchen for Two Cooks
Family lifestyles have changed in recent years. Gone are the days when one person, typically the female member of the household, shoulders all the cooking responsibilities. More…

Functional Furniture in the Home
The blending of kitchen function with the character of furniture is all around us. Current lifestyle and design trends, coupled with constantly changing technology, are contributing to this marriage of furniture or a furniture look with the storage, appliances and working centers of the functional kitchen. More…


Design your space to fit your life!
Whether you’re designing a brand new kitchen, or remodeling an older one, asking yourself a few key questions can make your end result a convenient and useful space.

Does my family eat in the kitchen, or do I entertain in the kitchen? If so, countertop seating at an island, or built-in seating might be handy.
How much counter space should I plan for?
Can a recycling station be incorporated?
Do I need a workspace for paying bills, household paperwork or homework?
Is there a space for a wastebasket near a food prep and cutting area?
A designated breakfast area, with coffee maker, toaster and microwave, can free up other valuable kitchen space.


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