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Cooking mistakes which make you increase the risk of cancer

Cooking mistakes which make you increase the risk of cancer


Beside cooking delicious, house-wives also should keep an eye during cooking if they want their family’s health are protected.

Reusing cooking oil several times

Reusing cooking oil is one of habits cooking of many housewifes. When be heated several times, the chemical composition of oil quickly changes.

Specifically, vitamins A, E and some nutrients in the oil are destroyed, toxins appear as aldehyde, fatty acid oxide. These substances entering the body will destroy the enzyme causes indigestion, causing headaches, dizziness, abdominal pain, increased risk of cancer …
Turn off the hood too early

Gas stove handy, was selected as a cooking utensil for many families but it’s not really good for people’s health.

In use, gas stoves emit large amounts of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide. Three types of gases are found in cigarette smoke as passive smoking. To be healthy, you just turn it off after cooking hood finished 3-5 minutes to ensure emissions are escaping altogether.

Cooking with too much grease

Compared with people who consumed less fat, people often eat greasy have higher risk of breast cancer. The reason is eating much grease will lead to obesity.
Obese women have higher levels of ostrogen and insulin than women who have balance shape.

These is also a factor that causes breast cancer and endometrial.

Heat oil too hot

Do not wait till the oil streams. It’s not good for your health. It not only makes unpleasant odours, but also destroys the antioxidant effects of oil. More seriously, the oil can form harmful substances.

Cooking with too much salt

Salt increases the flavor to dishes but it also directly harms to the body. Experts from the US National Cancer Institute (NIC) said, eating too much salt diets is the culprit causing stomach cancer susceptible because it increases the risk of bacterial infections which cause fibroids.

Adding too much sugar to recipes

Although not directly cause cancer, but the absorption of large sugar increases the risk of overweight and obesity. Meanwhile, obesity causes changes in the levels of insulin and sex hormones in the body. This change impacts increase the risk of developing cancer of the breast, colon and uterus.


Do not wash pots before cooking

Many housewives make the common mistake that cooking with a cleanness pot. This habit led grease and food scraps before exposure to high temperatures produce benzopyrene – substance capable of causing cancer. Preferably, you should take the time to wash the pot before you start to cook a different dish.