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Was Lord Shiva the greatest environmentalist of the world?

Was Lord Shiva the greatest environmentalist of the world?

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.A paper named Lord Shiva: The Greatest Environmentalist in the World, was presented by Indian professor in the 103rd Indian Science Congress Association. The paper states that Lord Shiva was visionary and most environment-friendly man ever to live on Eart. He used animals for transportation, protected plants and did many more things to protect environment.

The ongoing Indian Science Congress in Mysore is now getting into a controversy for a couple of papers being showcased proposing Lord Shiva as the greatest environmentalist of the world. The selected papers were prepared by Akhilesh K. Pandey with the title Lord Shiva: The Greatest Environmentalist in the World, pointing Lord Shiva and the powers possessed as Lord of Mount Kailash accessed for providing purified water to living beings.

However the papers were unable to be presented as Dr. Pandey got a last minute injury on the leg while on the staircase, leaving the attendees to hear the lecture from Rajeev Sharma, additional commissioner of Kanpur on blowing of shankh for achieving health and wellness. The selection of the paper for the segment of the environmental conversation triggered a lot of heat on social media with the accusation of sponsoring non-scientific subject to the organizers and University of Mysore.

On the subject, Pandey cleared his view and said “My absence had nothing to do with the controversy. I injured my leg and that’s why I couldn’t come, he added, “It is important that people around us understand the importance of conserving plants and animals today”. He further added that family of Lord Shiva used animals for transportation and conserved plants that protected our environment. The papers presented at the 103rdIndian Science Congress undergo intense analysis before it is passed to be presented to the attendees.

Last year Congress held at Mumbai also encountered some sharp reactions from various communities representing scientists.

Now the rise in pollution in our environment has made many people think of the means in order to restrain the casualties and threats possessed due to it. After Delhi’s Odd and Even rule for the vehicles, a lot of people in other states are seeking for methods that can help the citizens to prevent the fatalities.