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Apple soon to launch wireless headphones

Apple soon to launch wireless headphones


here is a rumor that points out to the demise of 3.5mm headphone jack on iPhone 7. There is a report from iPhone Supply Chain that confirms this information. It adds that a Lightning ‘convert up’ would be made available which allows the headphones with 3.5mm outlet to pair up with Lightning connector.

Last year, there were claims by Apple that it had plans of ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack for reducing the thickness of the iPhone by 1mm. This new report adds that Apple is also planning to promote its wireless headset. Claims were made by the previous report that the same size would be retained by the Lightning Connector and there would also be a digital to analogue converter with wired headphones for backwards compatibility.

The removal of the jack won’t go well with the users. Almost laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones ship with the audio port. Considering the past record of Apple, removal of this port wouldn’t materialize. The compact disk drive was ditched by the company from the computer lineup with MacBook Air and soon it was done by other rival manufacturers as well.

Last year, the launch of MacBook was seen by the company having just 1 USB Type-C port for power input and data transfer. Besides, since a while now, the company has been giving hints of dislike towards this 3.5mm jack. In the year 2014, the MFi program specifications were introduced by the company so that 3rd- party manufacturers can make earphones that can connect well with iPad and iPhone through Lightning cable.


7 reasons why iPhone 5S is the best phone for less than Rs 25,000

7 reasons why iPhone 5S is the best phone for less than Rs 25,000

I phone 5s_k7lifestyle

If you have a budget of around about Rs 25,000, forget the likes of the OnePlus 2 or the Moto X Play or the new QiKU Q Terra 808. You can get the iPhone 5S for almost that much, and make no mistake, it can be argued that it is the best phone in the segment for that much. There are some compelling reasons behind buying an iPhone 5S, albeit an iPhone which is two years old.

Impeccable design

The iPhone 5S remains a gorgeous phone. Heck for many, it is prettier than the new iPhone 6S. It is built out of metal and has beautiful diamond cut chamfers. It is also available in neat space grey, champagne gold and silver colours.

Cute and compact

Smartphones are huge these days. That is just a stark reality and if you’re old fashioned and are looking for something you can use with a single hand, then the iPhone 5S is a no brainer. It is not only a powerhouse, it is the only pocket rocket, apart from the Xperia Z1 Compact, which too isn’t as suave.

Features, lots of them

The combination of the A7 processor and 1GB RAM makes the 5S plenty fast. It can be argued because of the lower resolution screen and the way, the hardware and software on Apple’s devices is interlinked, the performance could be on par with a behemoth like the OnePlus which uses Qualcomm’s fastest processor and 4GB RAM.

Killer camera

The 8-megapixel camera just knocks the socks out of the 13-megapixel camera on the OnePlus 2 or even the Q Terra 808. It is also a very fast camera to use and comes along with high-end features like slow-motion video. For selfies, though, it is a little disappointing with its paltry 1.2-megapixel camera.

Battery Life

The battery life of the iPhone 5S wasn’t the greatest and was decidedly average. However, additions in iOS 9 breathe new life into the performance of the iPhone 5S. You may not notice a massive change in a year old phone with a worn out battery, but on spanking new iPhone 5S – Apple’s new features like the low battery mode should work wonders and lasting through a day should be a breeze.

Touch ID

The iPhone 5S was one of the first mainstream smartphones to get a fingerprint sensor. Impressively, it was probably the first sensor that worked consistently. Compared to phones like the OnePlus 2, the Touch ID scanner on the iPhone 5S is more reliable. It is also a more secure solution with things like the secure enclave and encryption built into the iPhone.

iOS advantage

iOS not only has the most apps for a mobile platform, but also often developers develop their best stuff for it before Android. It also happens to be the only place where you get the best applications from all the big three – Google, Apple and Microsoft. That could be a big reason for you into Apple’s ecosystem, which for many is like a walled garden.